Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More Proof That Evidence Goes the Way You Want It to

4/12/16 National Geographic reports:

The soldiers at Matienzo Base in Antarctica made an odd discovery in January 1995—an antique dog sled, unlike any they had ever seen, bound together by leather straps, with a label reading “Made in England.”
Matienzo was an Argentine research base on a small island 30 miles off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was surrounded by a vast plain of white—a slab of glacial ice, 700 feet (215 meters) thick, that floated on the ocean. That floating slab, called Larsen A Ice Shelf, covered an area of water the size of San Francisco Bay. It had existed for a thousand years or more. But this hot summer it looked strange. The men had to go onto the ice shelf to collect snow for drinking water, and it made them uneasy.

The article of course is about global warming but the fact that these soldiers discovered a century old human artifact might be reason to wonder why it is now appearing.  Is the ice returning to the place it was a century ago?  But that doesn't even occur to the good little warmists that write for National Geographic.

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