Sunday, April 10, 2016

My AccuSize Self-reversing Tapping Head Arrived

No instructions.  I am a little reluctant to try and install in my drill press without instructions and they are not visible on their web site.  Found them on the bottom of the Styrofoam.

How do you remove an MT2 chuck from a drill press.  I have done it by accident by trying to use it as a mill, putting too much side load on the chuck.  But how to intentionally remove it?  Never mind; found out how.

May not have the hand strength required to remove taps.  Two wrenches required to loosen the assembly that holds them in place; I'm not strong enough to unscrew the nut holding the tap in place.  There are days that I feel so old and used up.

I went out and bought some acetone for cleaning the arbor to improve contact friction, still won't stay.  Because the tap isn't coming ourt rubber hammer up won't do the job.


  1. I have an old drill press with a #2 MT spindle that was used in a production environment with a tapping head. The spindle is drilled & tapped near the bottom for a 1/4-20 SHSS (socket head set screw) that was apparently used to secure the tapping head. Easy mod, should do the job. Although, if the tapers are clean & dry, the tapping head really shouldn't fall out.

  2. Cleaned with acetone, dry, still won't stay very reliably. Should I use a Q-tip inside?

  3. Harbor Freight customer support just responded: it is a JT3, not MT2.

  4. Is the tail removable, or part of the head assembly?
    Sometimes tooling has a straight shaft that accepts different adaptors, rather than having to make them in every common iteration. Drawback is this introduces another variable in accuracy of milling/drilling/tapping.

    Total cost may be higher or lower, so that adds another variable.

    When dealing with small tail sizes, it's best to have the correct one as part of the unit, as slippage is more likely with smaller diameter shafts.

  5. Hmmm... A tapping head often has a male #2 Morse taper arbor, which works well in a DP with a matching spindle, as most larger, semi-commercial units do. Smaller, hobbiest DPs often have a male Jacobs taper on the end of the spindle. I'm not sure how you'll connect your tapping head; you could possibly change the arbor to a straight one and put it into the Jacobs chuck on the DP, but that makes a long "stickout" which can lead to serious problems.

    Here's a chart on tapers: