Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Shocking Admission From Washington Post

From 12/22/15 WASHINGTON POST.  Gun deaths are not evely distributed by race or category:
Of course no mention the black murders are almost entirely by blacks.

Also amazing to see this admitted:
About 41 percent of white households own guns, compared to just 19 percent of black households, according to a 2014 Pew survey. 
If guns increase risk of death, it must only be through suicide.


  1. Look at how small the "legal intervention" category is.

    That category is the closest official category to "Shot by Police".

    It's in the same order of magnitude as the "Unintentional"--A.K.A. "accidental"--category.

  2. I'm as skeptical of this study as I am of most others these days.

    I don't believe there's any way to accurately measure firearms ownership.

    Given what we think we know about the racial distribution of felons in America, what are the chances of really knowing how many black households have firearms? Felons and family members of felons are not likely to admit having firearms, whether or not they really do.

    In the white community I'd be willing to bet that many firearms owners deny having firearms even when they're legally owned. "None of their business." I myself have "one or two", and I don't discuss them with anyone I don't consider a friend.

    Assuming a poll accurately measures firearms ownership isn't much better than examining probated wills.

  3. Black people are more helpful than whites. If a white person wishes to commit suicide, he has to do it himself. If a black person is so inclined, all he has to do is go for a walk outside at 2AM and his neighbors will help him out.