Friday, December 25, 2015

Putting Homeless Advocates on the Spot

Recently, the problem of a homeless encampment became so severe that even the center-left Boise city government forced them to move.  Many objected to the rules that many of the private Christian shelters have: no drugs, no drinking (some of the parents would rather continue drinking and using meth even with their kids living in freezing weather in tents).  An amusing letter to the Idaho Statesman tells a couple solutions:
Unfortunately, Boise needs an immediate solution this winter for the homeless who do not wish exposure to the seemingly unreasonable rules and “religious agenda” in existing homeless shelters. The solution is obvious: Boise’s homeless advocates, such as Leo Morales, Barbara Kemp, Howard Belodoff and Kayla Moore, should open their hearts and their homes to the free-spirited homeless who will not accept faith-based shelters’ rules.

Each homeless advocate can take one or more of these needy folks into their homes this winter, or at least let the homeless pitch a tent in their backyards and use the advocate’s shower, bathroom and kitchen for their basic needs. This will also help demonstrate to heartless right-wingers that Boise’s homeless advocates are not hypocrites whose charity is limited to spending the taxpayers’ money.

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