Thursday, December 31, 2015

$5 Million Doesn't Buy What It Used To Buy

George Soros regrets backing Obama.  From 12/31/15 The Hill:
George Soros, a billionaire Democratic donor, told a close Hillary Clinton ally that he regretted voting for President Obama over her in the 2008 Democratic primary, according to an email released Thursday by the State Department.

Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden said in a May 2012 email to Clinton that Soros made the admission to her during a dinner. ...

An August 2012 article in The New Yorker said Soros gave $5 million to help elect Obama in 2008, and that he later felt snubbed by the president.

"Confidants say that, although he still supports Obama, Soros has been disappointed by him, both politically and personally," the article said. "When Soros wanted to meet with Obama in Washington to discuss global economic problems, Obama’s staff failed to respond."

"Eventually, they arranged not a White House interview but, rather, a low-profile, private meeting in New York, when the President was in town for other business. Soros found this back-door treatment confounding," the article said.

A Soros confident told The New Yorker: "They pissed on him... He didn’t want a f-cking thing! He didn’t want a state dinner, or a White House party—he just wanted to be taken seriously.”
Remember the joke about the man who offers a woman in a bar a million dollars?  The punch line is, "We've already established what you are.  We're just haggling over the price now."

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