Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fun With IRS

I mentioned a couple months back that I had received a surprise refund from IRS for 2014, and a warning about identity theft.  Today, I received a bill from them for that same amount plusd interest and a small penalty.  I spent an hour on hold with IRS and had it explained.

Someone ()other than me) filed a tax return using my Social Security Number seeking a refund of the no health insurance tax.  They knew it was fraud, but they sent me the refund.  Now they want the money back.  And yes, they expect me to pay the penalty and interest (about $10) as well, since I should have known I was not due a refund.

"What happened to the idea who filed a fraudulent tax return?"  They have no idea.  He's probably on Air Force One, I am guessing.

1 comment:

  1. "What happened to the idea who filed a fraudulent tax return?"

    He was probably an illegal alien, so of course the IRS won't go looking for him.

    I guess if it ever happens again, you know not to cash it, but to instead call them and ask what's up.