Sunday, December 13, 2015

Restarting Windows 7 On A Schedule

Windows 7 updates load when you ask, but do not actually install (a very slow process) until the next time the computer restarts.  This can be a nuisance.  We use my wife's PC with an open source program called OpenLP for displaying song lyrics at chur h on Sunday mornings.  This morning, it took more than hour for all 19 updates too install, during which time the PC is useless.  The obvious solution: start the PC after the Windows updates happen Friday night.  To my pleasure there is a Windows 7 command equivalent to the Unix reboot: shutdown /r (shutdown and restart) which you can set up to run on a schedule using Schedule Task.  For my wife's PC, Saturday morning at 8:00 AM.


  1. How do you manage to avoid auto downloading Win 10? As I understand it, you must de-select Win 10 each time you engage Windows Update to avoid having it automatically loaded onto your computer.

  2. This is quite timely -- I've got a windows7 laptop that I keep handy for all those times when it is just faster and easier to do something on a Windows machine, and I've suffered the same fate of an hour+ wait for the thing to boot, it depleting the whole monthly data allowance of my emergency mifi hotspot, and or throwing up an update message in the middle of a presentation.

  3. I don't recall doing anything to prevent Windows 10.

  4. JGriff:

    Read this post on the subject:

    Add this update number to the BAD list:


    Looks like 5 updates you want to avoid. 4 have shown up on my computer, so far. One of the original 4 still hasn't turned up, yet.

  5. More info on the Win10 update problem: