Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Wi-Fi Accessible Water Heater

Imagine the trouble so you could cause your sister while she's in the shower. Or perhaps detonating the water heater by shutting off incoming water and turning up the heat.

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  1. Yeah, just imagine all the fun punks and terrorists can have with the proliferation of appliances and devices like this. I figure this could also become part of the green future were the enviro-wackos decide that since we can only use solar and wind the utility will have to unannounced throttle back appliances since solar and wind aren't going to be base-load power cable 24x7 for anytime soon if ever.

    Then there is all that is being done to cars now. There was a recent news story about a car that automatically called 911 (I think it was OnStar). Turns out she had been in a hit-and-run and was drunk, but image all the ways this technology could potentially be used against someone. I'm glad I can only afford older cars so I don't have to worry about that. Reminds me to keep an eye out for some more older cars I still want that I need to find in low mileage and good enough condition to get so I can hopefully avoid having to buy the current crop of cars in a decade or so from now. Of course we will only be allowed electric cars in another decade or two if the dems get their way so be prepared to give up your gas cars or join those in prison for not buying health care.