Friday, December 25, 2015

Organizing Rampage

Obama's claim to fame before Illinois legislature was being a community organizer.  How much harder is that than organizing my workshop or office closet? I started by organizing my collection of machine screw, bolts, andc taps, and discovered that I have all sorts of odd sizes that I will never use like 8-32 x 1.5" socket head machine screws.  Ebay them?  Maybe.

My wife then went on an organizing rampage in my office closet, trying to figure out where to put hundreds of law review article reprints.  Why do they send so many to authors?  Should we give them away at cocktail parties or for Halloween?  Also, I have all sorts of antique and obsolete cables (1BaseT Ethernet), and a couple of keyboard, mouse, VGA switchers, which I don't need.  (If you need a 2 or 4 port switcher, let me know before they go to St. Vincent de Paul.)

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