Thursday, December 17, 2015

President Obama Doing Reality TV Show

Unfortunately it isn't called Oval Office or Commander-in-Chief.  From 12/17/15 Los Angeles Times:
WASHINGTON — He helped make tea from catkins, ate a salmon prechewed by a bear, and discussed why people would drink their own urine.

On Thursday night, President Obama appeared in an episode of the survivalist reality show “Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” part of an effort by the White House to highlight the perils of climate change. While trekking in the Alaskan wild, the president and Mr. Grylls, one of reality television’s biggest stars, bemoan the rapid retreat of a vast glacier.
I n notice comments are disabled on that story.   One guess why.


  1. How long have the glaciers been retreating?

  2. I forced myself to watch this garbage last night. More global warming propaganda. Call me sick-and-tired of this over 7 years of non-stop campaigning from this yahoo.

    At least they were somewhat honest in that the whole thing was phony because they weren't really living in the wilderness--i.e. they admitted there was a massive entourage though they showed very little of that.

    The show did prove that his calling is really the hucksterism/snake oil selling of the campaigner/community organizer and that is really where he belongs. In that context he is almost enjoyable and dare say likable (this said from someone who detests this character and his policies in the White House). As a chief executive or a senator in the US congress his is definitely not! The sooner his term ends the better.

  3. We're big Drew Brees fans (QB of the NO Saints) and the only Running Wild show I've seen is with Drew. There was quite a lot of masculine survivalist stuff going on in it. I quite enjoyed it. But I can't imagine Obummer participating in anything like that. I think I'll pass on trying to find that episode, thank you very much!