Thursday, August 6, 2015

welcome to the Academy of ancient music

I've been listening to albums I enjoyed long ago and some of them sound astonishingly good even today. What is Jeff Lewis's War of the Worlds. This was in 1978 attempt at turning HG Wells novel into a musical production. I only became aware of it because the single Forever Autumn receive significant received significant airplay, and cost me to go look for the album. Even today, it sounds astonishingly good. Having Richard Burton as the narrator and much of the talent of the Moody Blues involved certainly doesn't hurt.

The other album that still sounds good is Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming, Dylan's premiere Christian  album. I admit that what makes you attractive is the tour after this album came out has a lot to do with my marriage my wife. The concert was our first date.

Both were free to play on my smartphone, because I am an Amazon PRIME member.

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  1. I have Lewis's War of the Worlds album. Great piece of work.