Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Day of Learning

1.The USB drives that plug into the Jaguar USB port must be FAT formatted.  NTFS does not work.  The 16 GB SDHC card plugged into a USB adapter seems to have failed, and reformatting it NTFS did not work.

. The problems I was having squasring a piecve of actal?  Partly the chuck.  I have a3" 3-jaw chuck, and a4" 3-jaw chuck, which I have generally used in the past.  But this was only a 1.25" diameter rod I was machining, so I used the 3" chuck.  This evening I was starting to drain my worker in use of a lathe, and suddenly 1.25" aluminum would not behave.  Put it into the 4" chuck, problem solved!  I suspect the 4" chuck exerts more force on the rod.


  1. There's really no reason to format a USB or SD card as NTFS. A journaling file system is kind of overkill for them. FAT32 or, if every machine you're going to use it on supports it, exFAT, which is optimized for flash drives.

  2. Take the chuck apart (remove the jaws) and clean it.

  3. Also note that flash memory has very different behavior than old fashioned magnetic disks, writes in particular are expensive in both time and wear and tear. I've read that it's believed that many manufacturers optimize their flash drives for the FAT filesystem they're shipped with, and that would explain the one example I have of USB flash drives failing early after being reformatted to a Linux ext filesystem.