Thursday, August 6, 2015

Feeling A Bit Better

My doctor upped my Prozac to 37.5 mg and Lamactil to 100 mg.  Theoretically, the increase should not have an effect so quickly because Prozac takes a couple weeks to reach therapeyutic levels, but I seem to respond faster than average to it.  Today I actually felt pretty darn good! 

I also finished getting the Sherline operational.  The replacement stepper motor for Z-axis arrived yesterday, and worked perfectly.  But Y-axis suddenly started grinding in one position.  After discussion with Sherline support, I disassembled the Y-axis and discovered an aluminum chip had occupied a thread on the lead screw (which is not unknown) prenting the anti-backlash nut from moving down the lead screw.  So I used some channel locks to remove the nut, lubricated the lead screw and reapplied the nut.  But, you say, that can't work, the steel leadscrew will just damage the brass nut.  But the real issue was the aluminum feposit in the thread.  The brass knocked it right out.  All axes are now working.  Tomorrow, once Idfinish one order and a mac hinig project for one of my readers, I can resume what I bought this gadget for.

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