Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Islam's Twisted Code

This news account from one of the Middle Eastern news organizations just floors me:http://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/dad-lets-daughter-die-rather-than-be-touched-by-strange-rescuer-2015-08-09-1.599613

The father prevented life guards from rescuing his drowning daughter out of fear that a strange man touching his daughter would dishonor her.  ISIS is auctioning off little girls ad sees nothing wrong with it.  Bizarre.


  1. More bizarre: Otherwise sane people who defend the teachings that lead to this kind of behavior.

  2. Not long ago, state officials in Saudi Arabia (the religious police) prevented young girls from leaving a burning building because their heads were uncovered. In Pakistan, women have acid thrown in their faces if they behave dishonorably. One woman, after years of plastic surgery, killed herself. This sort of thing goes on and on.

  3. Islam is not a religion, it is an insane totalitarian death cult. Islam must be banned by a constitutional amendment, with all Muslims being expelled to the 57 Muslim lands. no immigration, no student visas, no tourists.

  4. The problem is not Islam itself, but the misogynistic "honor/shame" culture which infests Middle and South Asian cultures. "Honor killings" are not mandated or even permitted under sharia law; formally, they count as any other sort of murder. Prominent Islamic scholars have condemned honor murder, and honor murderers are often arrested.

    And then they get let off with minor sentences.

    It should also be noted that "honor killings" occur among non-Moslems from the same area: Yezidi, Druze, even Sikhs. And the idea behind honor killing was once accepted in western culture, too. See Shakespeare's play Titus Andronicus.

    Lavinia, daughter of the eponymous protagonist, is raped by Chiron and Demetrius, who cut off her hands and tongue to silence her. Titus learns the truth anyway; in the final scene (Act V, Scene III) he serves their flesh in a pie to their mother, Tamora, and stepfather, Emperor Saturninus.



    An if your highness knew my heart, you were.
    My lord the emperor, resolve me this:
    Was it well done of rash Virginius
    To slay his daughter with his own right hand,
    Because she was enforced, stain'd, and deflower'd?


    It was, Andronicus.


    Your reason, mighty lord?


    Because the girl should not survive her shame,
    And by her presence still renew his sorrows.


    A reason mighty, strong, and effectual;
    A pattern, precedent, and lively warrant,
    For me, most wretched, to perform the like.
    Die, die, Lavinia, and thy shame with thee;

    (Kills LAVINIA)
    And, with thy shame, thy father's sorrow die!


    Shakespeare here alludes to this story from Roman history.

    Islam is nonetheless a big part of the problem, because it contributes substantially to the prevalence and persistence of this cultural pattern.

  5. Rich: Honor killings are not unknown in Latin America. but the misogyny of Islam discourages social pressure against this.