Friday, August 21, 2015

It Looks Like Steampunk Art!

It is a modern recreation of the Gardner gun, a post-Civil War crank-driven machine gun similar to the Gatling gun although simpler.  This example fires .45-70 ,in case you know of a herd of bison that need hunting very rapidly.

The repeatability of those two barrels is pretty amazing.  At the range the sand was being thrown up at 300 yards in the same spot again and again.  Here Lucky Gunner's rep is loading.

Inside, the steampunk impression continues. Brass outside (cast not machined) and steel inside, with a combination of cams, rack and pinion, and gears that would make Jules Verne proud.

The range was Washoe County shooting range, in the middle of nowhere.  A very nice range.  I had a chance to practice with my Browning Hi-Power ()the one that now has a 4 1/8 pound trigger).  Much improved combat accuracy since the trigger job.  I still need some more practice before I feel comfortable carrying it for an active shooter disaster.


  1. Clayton,

    You had mentioned in the past that you had your Hi-Power trigger worked on by a gunsmith in the Boise area. Who did you have do your work? I also have a Hi-Power (FN) and am interested in this modification.


  2. A.J.: Larry Cole at Shurbet Enterprises (208-353-6471)