Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ti Outdoors

Today we used the Ti Outdoors firearm training simulator, at Reno Guns & Range.  This is a cross between the ultimate first person shooter game and an awesome training tool.  Target practice is useful, but firing in realistic scenarios is more useful.  Some of the personal protection scenarios are very realistic: robbery at an ATM; carjacking; crazy boyfriend smashing in his girlfriend's truck windows to get to her; convenience store robber.  Others are unlikely: complete breakdown of law and order with criminals using automatic weapons; zombie apocalypse.  Still, you aim at the attackers using modified real pistols (Glock, H&K, SigSauer) which use CO2 to simulate recoil and power the infrared beams that hit the screen, and the computer produce bulet holes on the screen to show where you would have hit.  Some of our group are competitive IPSC shooters, and they were very good.  They indicated that I did pretty well.  I was doing the college classroom/active shooter scenario in a classroom much like one in which I often teach,  Some scenarios are shoot/don't shoot choices, which are very useful.

Here's my wife shooting one of the unrealistic scenarios, Chaos City. Yes, she needs some practice, especially on mag changes, and she was firing a Glock--not her carrry gun:
I would love to see one of these in Boise.  I have contacted them to find out system cost.  I could see setting it up in my garage.

Also, Mitch Gerlinger whose business card lists hios title with MOA Targets LLC as "Chief Guy in Charge of Stuff" was also a spectacular shooter.  But his out of control hobby (day job: geologist) is making steel targets.  I would expect that.

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  1. Please keep us posted on this. I think these devices are a sufficiently good learning/training tool that one could - depending on cost and infrastructure requirements - be incorporated into my CCW classes.