Tuesday, August 4, 2015

There Are Days I Get So Discouraged That Trump Sounds Good

The rapid death spiral of Obamacare should make the media whores pay attention to what is happening, but as long as they have legal pot and same-sex marriage nothing else matters.  Until we turn into Venezula, and food riots start.


  1. Don't be so pessimistic. We'll be shooting each other and burning down banks to get hard cash long before it comes to food riots.

  2. I'm listening to Larry Elder right now. He's talking about small businessmen he spoke to and how their customers are buying less and taking longer to pay. It's not just Obamacare, it's Obamanomics.

  3. It's either Trump or the GOP Establishment.

    The GOPe and the Democrats are the same party, by all indications. Harry Reid's agenda is still in effect. The establishment (which Ted Cruz calls the Washington Cartel) is not conservative, in fact they hate conservatives with a purple passion!

    The establishment, or cartel if you prefer, doesn't much care whether Hillary or Jeb! gets elected, as life will go on just the same with either.

    That's why I am for Donald J. Trump: I Want To Make America Great Again!

  4. Always remember.. the main stream media are a left wing group, and will minimize or completely hide issues that go against their agenda. Several major outlets have yet to report on the Planned Parenthood videos, the last I heard.

    Oh, and re: Venezuela... Obama has apparently decided that he needs to kiss up to yet one more failed autocracy - and that's Venezuela. I think he envies the rulers of these places, because they can do whatever they want, while he is (slightly) constrained.