Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cow Hunting

The reader who suggested a  sign "NO TRESPASSING--VIOLATORS WILL BE EATEN" got a good laugh, but because of Idaho being an open range state, all I can do is annoy them or build even more expensive fences.  I am still partial to getting a paintball gun, and making the herd look like the cattle rancher is celebrating diversity, but in the meantime the AirSoft gun I bought a couple months back is working.  The pellets sting when they human skin, and the reaction when I shoot the cattle suggests it annoys them.  The question is whether they have a long enough memory.


  1. Do you have too much land for electric fencing?

    1. Rick c: not really. The area we need to keep the steaks-on-the-hoof out of is not huge. We may do electric fencing next.

  2. I know from experience that if you kill a crow with a bb gun, the rest of them freak out, and don't come back for ages. My neighbor hit one whose corpse got stuck with his foot in the top of a tree. Crows stayed away for two years.