Sunday, August 9, 2015

Time For other Republicans To Move Right

Trump got a lot of bad press for his remarks to Megyn Kelly during the debate.  But his poll numbers are rising.  And much of the establishment Republican opposition to Trump's emphasis on illegals is the belief that Republicans need to be down on their knees worshipping not just Corporate America (who would be happy to see wages fall from increased immigration) but minority voters.  What to make of this Trump defense video?

These gals are probably not typical of black voters.  Most will doubtless do what their Democratic masters tell them to do, ignoring that illegal immigration is why young black men can't find decent paying jobs.

Maybe if Republicans don't like Trump being the voice of the party, they should steal his issue.


  1. I don't have much love for the GOP anymore. Is it any wonder with people hyping Jeb. Why would anyone vote Democrat Lite when they can get the real thing? Flopping Aces had a post slamming Trump. So I'm supposed to vote for the "moderate" who won't be any better than the Democrat?

    Yeah, voting Republican will stop the Obama agenda. That's working out real well. Maybe there was a time when a Republican was a better choice, but not anymore. And I won't vote on wishful thinking.

    Would I vote for Trump? Can't say at this point. People are pissed at Republicans, and I'm sure Trump's campaign coffers are benefiting from that.

  2. I watched about a minute of that video. Wow, just wow....

  3. Increasingly looks to probably be yet another election cycle of picking the least stinky pile of dung to eat (vote for). I'll be amazed if Trump could win either as GOP or independent and if he's the latter winning the lottery is more likely to happen than for him to win. Trump is in this for himself first--I don't trust him. I also don't see how he could be President without selling many of his companies because the conflicts of interest would be huge--I would expect all kinds of lawsuits.

    Why do we even bother to have elections? Besides all women, minorities, old people, poor, working class, etc must vote Democrat so the DNC and liberal progressives--AKA Socialists and Communists tell us. I think I will need to take a barf bag with me in November 2016.

  4. Trump is an egotistical, mean-spirited man who goes out of his way to level personal attacks against anyone he thinks is disrespecting him.

    I dread the idea of him in charge of the IRS and the Justice Dept.

    If you think Obama's handling of those two agencies was bad......

  5. JohnG: Why I want other Republicans to move right and take the weird view that our immigration laws should be enforced not ignored.

  6. You're right Clayton. The Republicans should govern from the right. Sadly they govern as Democrats. Maybe Democrat-Lite.