Friday, August 21, 2015


A day to be proud of our armed forces, even when unarmed.  From the August 21, 2015 Daily Mail:
 Unarmed US Marines foil suspected terrorist attack onboard high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris after they take down Kalashnikov-wielding Moroccan gunman known to intelligence services
  • A suspected Moroccan terrorist opened fire with a Kalashnikov on board a high speed train in northern France
  • Eyewitnesses said two U.S. Marines on the train disarmed the 26-year-old gunman and pinned him to the ground 
  • French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve praised the Marines who almost certainly 'averted a disaster' 
  • The gunman is understood to have boarded the train, which had more than 500 passengers, in Brussels, Belgium 

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Lots of positive comments from people around the world.  The question now is, Will Obama punish them for making Islamic extremists love us less?

Where's the TV-movie? Later reports indicate U.S. Air Force, and Oregon National Guard.  Still wonderful!

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  1. Later reports indicate a U.S. Airman, an Oregon National Guardsman, and a civilian (college student) from Sacramento.

    It's not just the Marines you need to watch out for.