Monday, August 10, 2015

Approaching Operational

I am now reaching production by approximation.  I took a piece of acetal that was roughed to the shape I need, put it in the mill, zeroed the axes, and started it running.  Here you can see it milling air.

And here it is down to cutting .01" of acetal on each pass. Yes, I can mill a lot deeper than that, but this is for when I put aluminum in the vise.

The advantage of acetal for testing is that I have vast quantities of acetal scrap for testing, and it doesn't wear out the cutting tools.

UPDATE: Got tired of waiting, so I revised the program to cut 0.03" per pass and increased the feed rate.

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  1. Not all plastics are that benign in regard to edge keeping. Any reinforced types (such as G-10) will just eat standard milling bits.