Saturday, July 11, 2015

When In Doubt, Lie

Volokh Conspiracy reports on the gay left's newsest lie: that the outrageous fine levied by Oregon government on a cake baker was because they violated the privacy of the gay couple that sued them.
Now I think the Agency’s theory, presented in its capacity as essentially as the civil case equivalent of a prosecutor, is outrageous: People have a First Amendment right to publicize the complaints against them, including the names of the complainants, notwithstanding the possible bad publicity for the complainants (just as complainants have to be free to publicize the names of the people they are complaining about). And while it’s possible that rules requiring the redaction of the complainants’ home addresses might be constitutional (but see p. 1115 of this article), I know of no such requirement under Oregon law.

But, in any event, the Commissioner didn’t buy the Agency’s theory, unless there’s something about the decision that I’m missing.
Essentially, the leftist media is now claiming that speaking to the media about this complaint is the reason they were fined so heavily.  How much expectation of privacy do you have when you file a public complaint?  This is becoming like Kafka's The Trial.

It is crap like this that is the reason I say, "Homosexuality.  Freedom.  Pick one."

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  1. Pick one, indeed. As a Catholic, I am not looking forward to seeing even more of the good work of our Charities being ended. Some adoption agencies have already been shut down for not adopting to homosexual couples. San Francisco tried to get our schools to stop teaching Church doctrine. And on it goes.

    I expect:

    Church charities to lose all licenses and charitable deduction tax exemptions if they don't bow down to the new Red Guard.

    Priests and pastors will lose their licenses to preside over state sanctioned weddings.

    Medical workers will lose all rights of conscience (the baby killers have already gone a long way with this one).

    Government employees will lose all rights of religious conscience. A clerk will be forced to either provide a gay marriage license, or lose her job.

    We've already seen what they do to small business. Public accommodation laws and jurisprudence has already made a mockery of freedom of association, and now it will make a mocker of freedom of religion.

    The new Red Guards will not be satisfied until religious practice is confined to heavily taxed churches... then they'll burn them down with us inside.

    We are nearing the end of the American dream and becoming more like dissolute and amoral Rome.