Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cool Phone Accessory

One of my greatest disappointments of a smartphone is the lack of keyboard, and the voice recgnition stuff just doesn't work all that well.  So I saw this for $10, and I thought it was worth the gamble.  It's an iAnder Bluetooth Keyboard that has keys about the same as a basic computer keyboard (similar spacing and feel), and I am using right now.

It uses two AAA batteries, and connects very easily.

In spite being fullsized keys, it is 11" x4.5" and weighs 11 ozs. so easy to pack along under circumstances where a laptop might be too big and heavy, and at $10, a great purchase.  Let me emphasize that while well-suited to touch typing, my right hand is still not ready for touch-typing.  Watching me type is a bit comic.


  1. Your link to the keyboard is bad. I think you mean this:


  2. sounds like a great smartphone accessory!

    I've added a URL, since the one in the article is a 404