Friday, July 10, 2015

New Paper

The most Politically Incorrect paper of the year, maybe the decade.

An Open Secret:
Child Sexual Abuse as One Possible Cause of Homosexuality

There is considerable evidence suggesting that homosexuality is a response to the trauma of child sexual abuse. The failure to consider this possible causal relationship has lead to a widespread assumption that homosexuality is an inborn and immutable characteristic. Failure to consider this possible origin has also led critics of homosexuality to assume that homosexuality as a preference is a conscious choice

Number of Pages in PDF File: 16
Keywords: sexual orientation, homosexuality, child sexual abuse

You can also download directly  from here
UPDATE: Thanks for the corrections and additions.  Paper updated.


  1. Fascinating.

    Quick proofreading nit: You are missing the leading "A" on the "Anecdotal Evidence" title text on page 10.

    Otherwise, it looks quite well done.


  2. Larry Lessig suggests that he was turned gay by CSA. Lena Dunham suggests that she turned her little sister lesbian by sexually abusing her.

    Peter Frost has a germ theory of homosexuality.

    Justice Kennedy does mention the belief that homosexuality is immutable, but it is not clear how that makes a difference to legal rights. They say that pedophilia is immutable, but they have no legal right. People have religious freedom, even tho religion is not immutable. (At least for Christianity; it can be argued that Judaism and Islam are immutable.) Now we learn from Bruce Jenner that sex is not immutable.

  3. George: Can you give me citations to the claims by Lessig and Dunham?

    Immutability matters because of analogy to race, and because inability to change makes them unable to move out of that class.

  4. Dunham admitted sexually experimenting on her sister, and is proud of her becoming a lesbian. Lessig claims to be a CSA victim. I believe that he has described the effect on him, but I do not see it.

  5. Thank you for this article. I am surprised the Left Gestapo hasn't hunted you down yet!