Monday, July 13, 2015

A New Label: Race As Social Construct

One of the great articles of faith to progressives is that race and sex are both social constructs: created entirely by our expectations and prejudices, and therefore flexible and mutable (unlike homosexuality, which is inborn and immutable).  Some of this is driven by the progressives having taken women's studies, gay studies, and philosophy in school, not sciences.  I have added a new label race as social construct for postings about evidence that progressives as usual are ignorant liars. 


  1. Ok, so race is a social construct. Will the people who believe this now shut up about that woman in Washington state who was President of the local NAACP?

    Forgive me, I asked without thinking.

  2. There are a couple left-wing factions fighting over this. One says that race doesn't exist. The other is triggered by any such statement denying race.

  3. There are two seemingly allied but actually contradictory things going on here.

    The leftist po-mo academic crowd is infatuated with "genderqueer" fluidity because it's all rebellious and transgressive and risqué.

    But for the genuinely transgendered, gender identity is neurologically wired in their brains - an utterly unalterable quality. It is like Procrustes' bed: forcing the body to match to relieve extreme, intolerable discomfort.

    The "genderqueer" leftists want to break down sexual "stereotypes". Most transsexuals want to embody them - just of the other gender.

  4. There's a third contradiction - the high-speed bullet-train collision between transgenderism and feminism.