Sunday, July 5, 2015

Considering Rocky Mountain Lodge in Horseshoe Bend, ID?

The pictures on various websites are beautifully lush, but these show only the immediate house location.  Surrounding hills (which are all privately owned and not generally open to the public) look like this:

And yes, it is as dry and tinder-like as it looks..We sometimes get very impressive brush fires, like this in 2012.  And yes, it closed the only road to Rocky Mountain Lodge.

You also get to enjot the cultural diversity that rural Idaho is known for worldwide:

  Neighbor upset I didn't warn him so he could put up the really offensive flags.


  1. what is the second flag from the last?

  2. The lower flag in the last photo is based on the Gonzales flag from the Texas War of Independence., with modernized weaponry.

  3. Heh. The anti-tourist bureau. And I love the Ma Deuce.