Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lunatic Fringe

The Internet is full of interesting things, but there is a large lunatic fringe out there, who grew watching X-Files and letting it influence their view of the world.  Huge dark government conspiracies!  The latest example:
OUTER SPACE (INTELLIHUB) — For years it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists and some astronomers that Google Sky had been censoring what’s known as Planet X or Nibiru from the general public’s view online.

Now, shockingly, a massive swath of Google Sky that had been previously blacked out and censored has been made visible by Google for your viewing pleasure. The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.

Now suddenly, Google has screwed up!  Thank goodness conspiracists are always incompetent.  When I look in my star atlas at 5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″, I find a collection of stars that might give that winged planet effect.  Remember this is high magnification above: 5 minutes of arc top to bottom.  It is hard to believe the ad revenue of these sites justifies the effort, so these kooks from the equivalent of Lone Gunman from X-Files must really believe this stuff.


  1. Apparently there are Pluto truthers out there as well. Pluthers. I have no faith in humanity.

  2. And we all just KNOW the Apollo landings were faked. Right???

    My wife and I went to the USAF Museum in Dayton with my son, his wife and her 14 year old brudder. One exhibit there is the Apollo 15 Command Module.

    My son knows about Apollo because he's watched a lot of documentaries with me, seen some of my books, etc. He sure didn't learn about it in school.

    My d-in-law sort of knew what Apollo was.

    The 14 year old, who is a very, very intelligent kid that gets A's in school...NADA. He only has a 5 minute attention span, so I tried to get it across to him...but...he faded on me.

  3. I've been to the Kennedy Space Center visitor center a couple times.

    First time I did a then and now tour. Got to go to the Cape. Went to the launch pad where the first two manned Mercury missions were launched and got to go in the blockhouse, which is like not very many yards away from the pad. Went to the site of the Apollo 1 accident and Apollo 7 launch, the last from the Cape. That was awesome and solemn.

    The second time I did a VAB/LC-39 tour. We didn't get to see all of the VAB, but we did go inside. It was just the center part where they bring the craft in, then a crane would move them to one of the four high-bays for assembly. The launch pad was awesome. We got close, but not too close. It would have been a tad hot if there was a launch. Also went to the Atlantis complex and saw it up close and personal.

    But... The high point is definitely the Saturn V Center. To see one of those bad boys up close is just plain awesome. They also have a firing room replica with consoles from the Apollo launches. And did I mention they have a SATURN V ROCKET?!?!?!

    There's a rocket garden at the center as well, with Mercury, Gemini and an assortment of other rockets. There's also a Saturn 1B on its side. And the gantry from Apollo 11. They have an F1 as well. I have a picture of me next to that. Full disclosure: I wore a moon hoax t-shirt the first time I was there. Surely it's been done, but I couldn't resist. Sadly, no one said anything.

  4. Ewwww, Steve. If you'd run in to Buzz wearing that t-shirt you might have gotten smacked!! LOL

    I haven't been to Kennedy/Canaveral in years. Actually, I find it pretty depressing. I was 9 when Neil made that first step, and I really believed in the promise of space that the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey was showing us.

    Now...I don't even think we'll get back to the moon in my life time, much less Mars.