Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let Me Boast

I had my hired hand over machining a big piece of acetal down to 2.650" diameter on the lathe, and as part of instruction, I explained how I made an adapter for holding this piece of acetal.  He was surprised that I had made it; he thought it was commercially made.  What I needed was an adapter from the 3/4"-16 headstock spindle to a 3/8"-16 thread that goes into the end of the acetal.

This end I squared, then cut down the center to a cylinder the right size to die to 3/8"-16, then I used a die holder fora 3/8"-16 die in the lathe to thread it.  Then I drilled a spindle rod hole to make it easy to tighten or release.

This end, after squaring, I drilled a .3125" hole, and tapped the hole to 3/4"-16 with the lathe.

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