Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Close the Police Car Loophole!

Imagine if this theft happened to a private party and what the gun control crowd would scream:
Authorities say a submachine gun, a semi-automatic rifle, two pistols and a Taser have been stolen from an unmarked Orange County Sheriff's Office sport utility vehicle parked in a driveway overnight.

Casselberry police Sgt. Chris Pamatia said it's unclear whether the deputy left it unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry, but the deputy said he had locked it. Authorities declined to release the deputy's name.

The Orlando Sentinel (http://tinyurl.com/omtb7lf ) reports it's the second time in two months that someone has stolen weapons from a parked Orange County Sheriff's Office vehicle.

UPDATE: More evidence  that if gun control is needed for private parties, it is certainly needed for police.  From July 13, 2015 channel 4 New York:
An NYPD officer has been arrested in connection with a months-long firearms trafficking investigation after he allegedly stole guns from his precinct to be sold on the street and arranged drug buys while on duty, authorities said.

Nicholas Mina was arrested late Thursday and charged with conspiracy, grand larceny and sale of a firearm, among other crimes.  Information on an attorney wasn't immediately available. He and four co-conspirators who were also arrested were scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Authorities say the group allegedly trafficked at least 10 guns over a two-month period. The alleged ringleader of the group, Ivan Chavez, is accused of procuring firearms from various sources and removing serial numbers before selling them, prosecutors said.

Four additional firearms were recovered from his home when a search warrant was executed. Charges against him are pending and information on an attorney wasn't available.

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