Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baby Steps: Machining

My first attempt at gCode did not work well, so I decided to take baby steps.  Part of the LinuxCNC control software lets you do jog on X.Y, and Z axes by 1.000, .100, .01, and .001" increments.  So this is the semiautomatic version of CNC machining; pull the trigger once per move.  Sorry, light is awful, and a black machine cutting black Delrin is not real visible.

UPDATE:  I have been playing with different feed rates and depths of cut as well as both coarse and fine end mills.  It is almost like video game meets mill, exce0pt there's no button to open fire or drop bombs.

UPDATE 2: For some odd reason, Blogger is not inserting videos:

1 comment:

  1. Spindle speed is too slow for horizontal travel. Probably won't get a straight wall. If you can hear it knocking, you're doing it wrong.