Sunday, December 7, 2014

Someone does not have enough to do

This news story about an intentional chlorine leak in a hotel is truly strange because of who it interrupted.
Nineteen people were hospitalized in Rosemont, Illinois after an intentional chlorine leak at a hotel, according to public safety officials. The hotel was hosting the Midwest FurFest, where attendees dress up like furry animals and many were forced outside in their costumes when the hotel was evacuated overnight.
Is this some sort of kinky sex thing that I don't know about: FurFest. From FurFest's web page:
Midwest Furfest is an annual convention that takes place in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We come together to celebrate furry fandom, that is, art, literature, and performance based around anthropomorphic animals.


  1. I think it's like Scifi and Comic-Cons. Some of it is sexual, some of it is just being weird.

  2. That was an interesting thing to hear about. I used to know a lot of people involved in that stuff, but I completely turned my back on it almost 15 years ago. It started as people who liked comics and animation with animal characters in it (Like Disney movies - Robin Hood was a touchstone for many of them). It evolved in some weird directions and nowadays it seems mostly to be about people clowning around in mascot costumes. (and yes, Some of that playing around is not so innocent, but it's a minority).

    I just like art and comics and animation, so I found better places for my time, and avoided the creepier people.

  3. There was a classic CSI Las Vegas a few years ago, about a furry convention in Vegas which involved an accidental death of a guy in a furry outfit. definitely some weirdness going on here.

  4. But, as is typical with CSI, they got pretty much everything wrong.

    Wanna p_ss off a furry? Say "Civet Oil"