Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Social Security sent a letter saying disability would start in March for February, and the amount was actually a bit more than I expected.  They will re-evulate my disability every 5-7 years, which seems reasonable.


  1. Clayton,
    Can you earn any income at all while on SS disability? IE: teach a class? How about write & publish a book or 3?

    Just curious...


  2. Yes, up to $1070 per month. My investment income, whichn is many times larger than my disability check is not limited.

  3. They will re-evulate my disability every 5-7 years....

    That's the theory. In that time frame I got a notice that they'd be doing that, then another saying they'd decided not to.

    Don't know if the latter was random, based on the SSA here being overloaded, or someone with a clue looking at why I'm disabled and how, absent a new drug coming out, that's very unlikely to change :-(.