Sunday, December 21, 2014

Is Race War Coming To America?

And perhaps not black vs. white.  One of Obama and Holder's thugs murdered two police officers in New York City in revenge for the deaths of Eriic Garner and Michael Brown.
The alleged gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, was chased by other officers to the platform of a nearby subway station, where he committed suicide, police said. Officials have determined that Mr. Brinsley, 28 years old, started his day in the Baltimore area, where he allegedly shot a woman believed to be his former girlfriend before 6 a.m.

Mr. Bratton said police are investigating social-media postings in which Mr. Brinsley foreshadowed the killings and referenced Eric Garner and Michael Brown, two unarmed black men who recently died during encounters with white police officers. Authorities have said both men were resisting arrest.
Black lives matter, but not apparently if it is Ismaaiyl's girlfriend. The murdered police officers were Hispanic and Asian.  If progressives insist on a race war, they are going to be disappointed with the results.  Daily Caller is  collecting Tweets from those who see these murders as okay.  Ad if the weirdly spelled first name didn't tell you, Ismaaiyl was a Muslim "religion of peace" adherent.

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  1. As Churchill said in 1914, when Ireland was close to revolt, "if there are those who would take arms against His Majesty's Government, I say, come, let us put these grave matters to the proof." these imbecilic leaders of the Sons of Obama™ are getting closer to a process which will lead to their annihilation.