Monday, December 8, 2014

I Couldn't Make This Up

From December 2, 2014 Telegraph:
Christianity is being banished from school nativity plays as the annual performance of the Christmas story is replaced with bland “winter celebrations”, research among parents suggests.
Even in schools which retain religious themes, most now opt for a modernised version of the nativity story, often featuring elaborate twists and children dressed as unlikely additions such as punk fairies, aliens, Elvis, lobsters, spacemen and even recycling bins.
Examples cited in the survey conducted by Netmums, the parenting website, even included a retelling of the story modelled on The Apprentice. Others told of children dressed as ingredients in a Christmas lunch including carrots, sprouts and – confusingly – pumpkins.

1 comment:

  1. Especially bizarre since:
    a) They are talking about a country with an established church
    b) over a third of the state-funded primary schools are explicitly church-related
    c) Religious education, and specifically Christianity, is required by the government in all state-funded schools.