Friday, December 19, 2014

I Guess I Am Retiring

I can't imagine any reason, why Social Security Disability won't happen, and my IRAs and 401(k) accounts have enough money for me to live comfortably and leave money to my kids, so I expect to spend the rest of my life traveling, writing, teaching, and running ScopeRoller.


  1. Congratulations Clayton! I'm not glad (as I'm sure you are also not glad) about the circumstances that led to your retirement, but I hope and expect you have a full, relaxing, and comfortable well-deserved retirement!

  2. Obviously not the best way to transition (stroke, earlier than expected, etc), but it sounds like you will be able to do so and live a good life post career so you should be proud.

    Does this mean you are giving up on teaching since you don't mention that? Do you have your house paid off?

    I'm only ~10 years younger and my retirement balance is 20 years behind what it should be and which I'm also going to have to raid this year to help pay off health insurance premiums so the idea of early retirement is terrifying. I'm expecting to need to work till I'm at least 70 and hope I don't live long after that.

    Since I'm very close to being my Dad's age when he died (early 50's) I'm thinking less like I did when he died (way too young) to starting to think (maybe avoiding old age in poverty is good).

    Enjoy being free from job deadlines and management nonsense.

    Keep on fighting the good fight!

  3. Updated to include teaching. House not paid off, but it doesn't make sense to do so. My mortgage is 2.875%.

  4. If you get bored, contact me. I have a low stress project that might intrigue you.