Saturday, December 13, 2014


I got a letter from Social Securiity today that says I am medically disabled, and the next step is figuring out if I meet the non-medical requirements, which I presume means that I have paid into Social Security enough years, and I am a citiizenl


  1. I'd say "congratulations", and I certainly felt relieved when I won my appeal, but it's never good hearing competent authorities confirm you indeed can't continue working after decades of serious productivity.

    You will in due course get a statement declaring when you got disabled as determined by the SSA (should be the obvious in this case), how much in back payments you'll be getting, minus any carve out if you used a lawyer on contingency, and I think how much you'll be getting going forward, for the calender year 2015 in this case I'd assume, seeing as how close we are to the end of this year.

    You'll be eligible for Medicare 24 months from the date you got disabled. Per Wikipedia per a Department of Labor pamphlet, your COBRA medical coverage will extend to 29 months to cover the gap, for a price of course.

  2. Fortunately, being on short-term disability means I get to pay the employee rate for health insurance.