Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Not even smart enough to forge the reply to address

The from line on the email says Costco < order@ >


  1. I have read that spammers intentionally put in errors to filter out any smart and/or attentive folks, so they can focus on the dumb/inattentive marks.

  2. Yes, I get phishing mail similar to this every couple of weeks. Last one said it was from AMAZON.COM but the reply address LINK url was from a private email address.

    I forwarded that email to AMAZON (just as I do those purporting to be from CHASE and PAYPAL and COMCAST, etc.) Those corporate entities invariably send me a polite reply which includes admonitions to NEVER reply to these emails. And they also say they NEVER contact customers by email. That's not quite true, but they do not require home address,phone number, email id and password.

    I guess these people figure we're all just a bunch of STUPID Americans. Must be that Obamacare syndrome in action.