Friday, December 19, 2014


Larry Niven wrote a number of disturbing stories in the 1970s where organs for transplant are in such high demand that governments start to make traffic infractions capital to get access to organs.  China has been doing this for a couple of decades, and now the Left's favorite group of religious fanatics is joining in:
It’s widely reported that the ISIS is funding their terror state by oil sales. But, there are now reports that ISIS is also profiting from human organ sales.

The caliphate is trafficking human organs from kidnapped captives.

Even while the reports concede firm figures are practically impossible to corroborate, the Al-Alam news source said the chief of forensic pathology at Damascus University told the Syrian al-Watan that there have been more than 18,000 organ trafficking cases in the northern part of Syrian in recent years.

“Syrian people … are now dealing with organ traffickers who are slicing off their own share from the unfortunate Syrian families,” the report said.

And according to BioEdge, which monitors bioethics developments around the world, a physician from Mosul told the publication Al-Monitor that large-scale organ-harvesting is taking place in local hospitals and that ISIS “was reaping significant profits from the scheme.”

The BioEdge report said the doctor, Siruwan Al-Mosuli, reported physicians were being hired to perform rapid organ removal operations from “recently deceased jihadis or captives.”


  1. So Valley of the Wolves: Iraq was projection?

  2. The Left knows what evil is, they just project it onto their enemies.