Saturday, December 27, 2014

My 4GB RAM Upgrade Arrived

Managed to get installed on the second try.  Suddenly my antique HP DV5126 feels slow!

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  1. I'm using a 4 yo laptop, that had a 2G card. For quite some time, the browser has been locking up or crashing. Task Manager showed it was using about 1.7G of mem with just 4 tabs open. Bought a matching 2G card, and the browser has been MUCH better.
    I find it interesting the T Manager shows I'm now using about 2.1G with the same tabs open. So, 2G of memory is not sufficient for Firefox or Chrome anymore, apparently.

    Hmmm, got 15 tabs open right now, plus this comment window, and it shows only 1.87G in use. Wonder why that varies? At least the browser only crashed once this past week. :D