Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This is your hand. This is your hand on occupational therapy.

I have mentioned the Edward Scissorhands device that occupational therapy uses to improve my ability to extend my fingers.  And here's a picture of it.

Another gadget that outpatient therapy uses is a device for measuring how rapidly I can recognize lights at the edges of my field of vision and respond to them. I think that it looks like a computer from the original Star Trek television series.
At the end of this session, I did my best to sound like Scottie  and say to the therapist  I've  reset the dilithium crystals, captain." 

With my occupational therapist, Heather:


  1. Clayton, soon you're going to need to carry rocks in your pockets to keep from blowing away in a strong breeze.

    Glad to see you doing and looking well!

  2. Those things work. My wife's mother had a stroke at 88. At 89 she started shooting a pistol. At 90 she told us she wanted to shoot standing up like everybody else. Now she has a 22/45 Lite, and shoots steel plates.

    She has been to two Appleseed events and shot a 194 (with a rest) in October. Next spring she hopes to earn a Rifleman patch.