Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mustaches and Transphobia

I have always regarded the whole "transgender" this as bizarre.  Yes, there are a few people who are born with quite confused plumbing, and a few who I suspect legitimately have some hormonal difficulties that may lead to confusion -- but does anyone else find it plausible that much of the "transgender" stuff is some form of confusion caused by sexual abuse?  One of the comments on this article about how growing mustaches is "transphobic" captures my reaction perfectly:
Maybe I want to live the remainder of my life as a great white shark. Shall I demand that I be referred to as trans-species? Should I have laws protecting my choice to live as a fish? Does it matter one whit that I am NOT A FISH? Why shouldn't I have special consideration for my fabulous fishiness? The illogical supposition that is 'transgendered' dictates that my choice to live the life of an aquatic carnivore should be respected and protected by special laws, special laws that protect my special lifestyle choices.


  1. The number of people who have genuine physical gender anomalies is (in absolute terms) not small. If it was only 0.1%, that would be 300,000 Americans. Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome occures in about 1 in 20,000 genetically male births, so there are about 7,500 cases in the U.S.

    Two other points.

    Much alleged gender confusion is fetishism and perversion, often driven by sexual abuse.

    However, there is solid evidence that there is neurological gender identity; and in some people this identity conflicts with their gross anatomy.

  2. Rich: What's the rate on physical gender anomalies? I would be a bit surprised if it was even 0.1%.

    I have read that much of the claim of neurological gender identity was based on the work of a psychiatrist in the 1960s who was convinced that sex was entirely environmental, and used a small number of children with indeterminate genitals at birth to "prove" his point -- unsuccessfully.

    I don't doubt that there are people who have some confusion -- but the fetishists are who are benefiting from this, and forcing the rest of the society into a weird corner.

  3. This paper http://www.aissg.org/PDFs/Blackless-How-Dimorphic-2000.pdf attempts to determine rates of intersexuality. Androgen insensitivity seems to be quite rare: 0.049 to .016/1000 male births, and .076/1000 female births. That would be 1 out of 62,500 to 1 out of 20,408 male births, and 1 out of 13,157 female births. Not all of these actually produce "externally visible intersexuaity."

  4. This appears to be yet one more example of liberal victim seeking grossly exaggerating an issue - at the expense of almost everyone.

    But, it serves the purpose of radicals. It is one more attack on "hetero-normativity" - in other words, normal attitudes towards sex.

  5. It's obviously time for species-reassignment-surgery.

  6. What about Lycanthropy? Can't I get free hair-growing shots and a support group and anti-discrimination laws so I can scare little children all year long and not just on October 31?