Monday, November 11, 2013

Changes in the Blog

You may have noticed some changes in the blog.  My daughter, who blogs at Domestic Bliss Squared, has been updating and improving my blog.  In one especially impressive case, she noticed that my AdSense ads were of a smaller size (and smaller advertising revenue potential) than I could use.  I have immediately seen a difference -- about $1.50 per day more revenue.  If that doesn't seem like much -- that's an extra $45 a month.  Small, but every bit helps, and it cost me nothing but a little of her time.


  1. It looks good. Minimalism is in today in web design. I'm due for an update myself. Though, I didn't notice because I read you through the RSS feed, which makes everyone look like my RSS feed :)

  2. I hope your daughter charges you $50 / month as a consultant.