Friday, November 15, 2013

Interesting Bizarre Claims Of The Day

One of the gun control advocates (not the serious scholars, but the politicians brought in to make the case for gun control), claimed that the federal assault weapons ban was beginning to work when Congress let it expire after ten years.  Yeah, that's a really effective law -- one that still doesn't have a clear advantage after ten years in effect throughout the entire nation.


  1. To play devil's advocate: They could argue that it took ten years to start having an effect due to unfortunately-necessary political compromises (grandfathering existing guns, rather than "Mr. & Mrs. America, turn them all in") and due to the bitter resistance of those barbaric bitter clingers.

  2. However, the real reason that they couldn't show an effect is that assault weapons were seldom criminally misused before the ban. It would have had to be extremely effective indeed to produce a statistically significant decline from <0.5% of murders.