Friday, November 22, 2013

Good News At The Doctor's Office This Morning

It was supposed to be a blood draw to check cholesterol numbers, but I have been having some problems with the home blood pressure device (can you spell the formal name for it without looking it up?)  The numbers are so high relative to what the doctor's office shows that I took it in for calibration.

The doctor's blood pressure device showed 122/80, which is about as perfect as I can expect.  (Admittedly, I had taken my metropolol before I left the house.)  Pulse was 65. The problem with the Wal-Green's blood measure device (which showed 140/90) is that the cuff is too small for my arm -- just barely.


  1. Automatic sphygmomanometer?

    Speel chooker sez it's wrong but has no suggestions.

    Bing sez it is right.

  2. No, but I was close. I thought it was "sphygmanometer"; it's actually "sphygmomanometer".

  3. Sphygmomanometer?
    I'm a nurse and I was still off by a letter.

  4. Sphygmomanometer. I'm a nurse and I was still off by a letter the first time.