Saturday, November 30, 2013

If I Were a Medieval Pheasant, I Would Be Afraid, Too

In an otherwise very well-written paper: "fearful pheasants began accusing poor women of witchcraft by means of controlling the weather."  If I were a pheasant during the Middle Ages, I would be afraid as well.


  1. Worse would have been the snatch gangs of the 'peasant pluckers'.


  2. Man, that sounds really unpheasant.

  3. Gotta love spell check. Providing unintended humor for over 15 years!
    Do they even teach about homonyms in English and spelling classes anymore, or is that word cast out into the howling wastes like niggardly?

  4. They do teach about them, I'm sure. Some of this probably carelessness -- students in a hurry, and don't check to see if the word that the spell checker suggested was the word that they intended.