Monday, November 18, 2013

Flying With Guns on United Airlines

I asked them if I could check my handgun for inspection in an appropriate case, then place the gun case inside checked luggage, both for improved security, and to not end up with a separate charge for each bag.  I did not receive a response until I was already in Connecticut (and after getting lost on foot in what appeared to be the ghetto of New Haven, I was a bit regretful that I did not bring a gun).  Here is the helpful answer:
Thank you for contacting United Airlines.

Yes, you may place the hardsided gun case inside your checked bag once 
it has been examined. You must place the Firearm declaration notice on 
top or near the gun case inside the checked bag not inside the gun case.
You will not be charged a separate bag fee for the gun if it is placed 
inside your checked bag.

It is always a privilege to serve you and we look forward to our next 
opportunity to welcome you aboard.

Michelle Wallace 
Customer Care

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