Monday, November 18, 2013

The Difference Between Chicago And San Francisco

From November 17, 2013 CBS Chicago:
CHICAGO (CBS) – A 31-year-old woman is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after she jumped a turnstile and boarded an ‘L’ train — naked. WBBM’s Bob Roberts explains....

She boarded at Granville, told riders she was the goddess of the train, said she was heading to the motorman’s compartment to run it and told everyone else to get off.
The November 17, 2013 San Francisco Chronicle reports on a nude protest group (with a photograph that showed a most artful use of microphones and cameras to make the photograph safe for work):
A Russian-born emigre by way of Hungary, who describes herself as a "Russian-style revolutionary," Taub is the public face of public nudity in San Francisco. The wedding shower was just a teaser for the Berkeley resident's latest protest against the San Francisco nudity ban put into law Feb. 1. "I always wanted to be free from body shame from the time I was a child," she said.

Taub, who was born Oxana Chornenky, and three other body freedom activists got themselves arrested that day in front of City Hall, and convicted for violating the ordinance. Taub appealed her conviction and appeared before a three-judge panel on Friday. Before the court's decision was even rendered, Taub had organized Sunday's protest against it. When the presiding judge adjourned the court in order to begin deliberations, she asked if she could make a statement.

"They said no, so I started yelling at them," said Taub. She was still in a yelling mood when she arrived for Sunday's protest at Jane Warner Plaza, the parklet where the F-Market Muni streetcar makes its turnaround, at Market and Castro streets.

Taub, 44, arrived clothed and followed by her three children and new fiance Smith, 20, who described his occupation as "a traveler." Asked how they met, he said, "I ran into her in Montana at the Rainbow Gathering."
The comments from readers show that this sort of lunacy, at least in San Francisco, is only a bit outre.


  1. AIUI, most of the Frisco strippers are old, fat male homosexuals. The photo shows that for once, the nudist wannabe is actually someone reasonably fit and attractive.

    Physically fit, anyway. A middle aged woman who is marrying a 20 year old man? And dragging her three children out for this stunt?

  2. Her fiancé identifies himself as a "traveler"? Does he mean a "fellow traveler"?