Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another 50 to 100 Million Cancellations Just Before the Election Next Year

Under the health care law, businesses with fewer than 50 workers do not have to provide health coverage. But if they do, the policies will still have to meet the benefit standards set by ObamaCare. 
As reported by AEI's Scott Gottlieb, some businesses got around this by renewing their policies before the end of 2013. But the relief is temporary, and they are expected to have to offer in-compliance plans for 2015. According to Gottlieb, that means beginning in October 2014 the cancellation notices will start to go out. 
Then, businesses will have to either find a new plan -- which could be considerably more expensive -- or send workers onto the ObamaCare exchanges. 
Wow!  What will the Republican National Committee do to make sure that Democrats retain control of the Senate, rather than support conservative Republicans?

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