Thursday, November 28, 2013

Almost Done With Windows 7 Install

This time, since I was confident that it would run okay on this older dual core notebook, I remove the extra partition, and did a standard install of Windows 7 on top of Windows XP.  Not too surprisingly, it took longer to install on top of an existing Windows XP load.  I am still struggling a bit with file sharing permissions from one of the XP systems to this, but not the other.  And I still haven't finished getting the HP device drivers installed for the printers.

UPDATE: The drivers for the HP printers are installed, everything is working fine -- although there is still something a bit wrong with file sharing -- I can't seem to change from "Nobody" to "Homegroup (Read/Write)" on the Windows 7 PC.  

I was pleased to see that the Windows 7 installer made a copy of all my old XP files. This is especially important because it appears that my backup to the external hard disk missed a lot of file.

But this is likely the last that I will post today.  The smell of turkey is permeating the entire house.

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