Friday, November 29, 2013

Windows 7 File Sharing With XP PCs: This Started Out As A Request For Help...

But when I went through this magic sequence, the problem went away!  Documenting a problem is the first step towards solving it.

The XP boxes and the Windows 7 box are all in the workgroup named WORKGROUP.  (The Windows 7 HomeGroup feature only works between Windows 7 PCs.)  The XP PCs can see each other, and Windows 7 can see the PC directories.  The XP PCs can see Users\Default and Users\Public directories on the Windows 7 box -- but they can't see the Users\Clayton Cramer there.  I have done this from that directory on the Windows 7 PC:

1. Right click.

2. Properties

3. Sharing

4. Share... Add Everyone Read/Write Share Close

5. Advanced Sharing... Permissions Full Control OK

6. OK

7. Close

Password protection is turned off.

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